Saturday, October 31, 2009


This paper tells you about different kinds of Ubuntu. It talks about their Desktop environments , the recommended system , and what they are. These are all Linux and linux is all free. There are over 125 different kinds of Linux. Linux is better than Mac osx and beter than Windows. Linux is 100% free. Here are some names of Linux : Ubuntu,Kubuntu,Xubuntu,Freespire,Opensuse,Cent os,Puppylinux,eeexubuntu,eeeubuntu,eeekubuntu and lots more.
Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu are three types of Linux operating systems. Ubuntu uses GNOME ,
Kubuntu uses KDE and Xubuntu uses Xfce. These OSs have there own site to download or request a cd for free and no shiping charge.
Ubuntu is a Linux based os (operating system) for windows or a mac with a Intel processer. Ubuntu is free of charge and is a open source project. The first release was oct 20,2004. You can request a cd or download it. You need PowerISO to download but you do not if you request a cd. At the very least you need 256 mb of RAM , 300 mhz processer and a 4gb hard disk. The recammended is a 700 mhz processer 385 mb of RAM and a 8GB hardisk. To download or get your free cd go to .
Why pay Windows?
Kubuntu is a type of Ubuntu that is also free of charge and open source. Kubuntu means "Free" as in free of charge. The first realese was in 2005 but the newest release was in oct 29,2009 it is karmic koala. About a year later in 2010 lucid lynx will come out but the rest is unknown.Kubuntu can take up a small as 3GB or you can choose. You can download Kubuntu or request a cd of it for free. As far as I know power iso is needed to install. It is all open source so it is free of charge. Why pay Windows if you can get Linux for free?
To download go to .
Xubuntu is a open source project that is made for older computers Instead of using GNOME that Ubuntu uses it uses Xfce a desktop envirement for slower computers that do not have the RAM it needs to download Ubuntu. Xubuntu needs at least 1.5gb of hardrive space and 64 mb is bootable but you need 192 mb to install but 256 mb is strongly recommended. Xubuntu uses instead of ubuntu`s shipit service it is called quickship but you can still get free cds. There is also eeexubuntu for Asus eee pc.
Why pay Windows if you can get Linux for free?
Linux can run on mac or pc with no harm to the drive. You can boot off the disk not touching your hardisk or you can install inside the current os running and take up as small as 3gbs and still have the same os you were running before and have it run like it was installed. You can also install onto the whole drive. To boot off the disk put the disk in the drive and restart. Then a menu will come up. Now you can boot off the disk or install. If you booted off the disk then remember you can not save files. If you want to install linux with the curent os running and you can save files.
This paper just told you about the RAM and hardisk space you need to install.This paper explaned the name of the Linux site to download the Linux and request a cd for free.The paper explaned how to you boot off the disk by restarting. The paper explaned differenteces like Ubuntu uses GNOME and Kubuntu uses KDE and how Xubuntu uses Xfce.It also expaned the newest release is in late 2009 and that 2004 the Ubuntu project started.
By Zane Smith